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KF V-Day Gift Guide

This year, instead of sorting out what I’m doing for Valentine’s Day (check out last year’s post for some not so obvious ideas that I loved), I’m sorting out what I’m giving - to the ones I love and to myself. With no shortage of incredible small businesses out there, check out a few of my favorite brands and the gifts I’m adding to cart for February 14th and beyond.  

Shop the full KF V-Day Gift Guide below. 



I love a good quality nail polish, and at this stage of the pandemic I’m basically a nail pro with all the at-home manies that I’ve been doing. The colors are stunning, the formula is clean and cruelty-free and the brand is rooted in a rich family history that makes you appreciate the brand even more. 

Here are the colors I’m loving right now:




I love this brand for the curated, extra special gift packages they make for all of the extra special people in our lives. The ‘A rose by any other name’ is our favorite V-day gift set to give and to get this year. Full of self-care - give me alllll the indulgent bath soaks, sweet treats and body balms that I can keep well past the holiday.

Shop 'A Rose By Any Other Name'

A Rose By Any Other Name



I’m a big candle person - a high quality candle can create peace amidst the chaos or transport me to a different place mentally when I need it the most.  Roen Candles are made with an exclusive blend of coconut wax and natural cotton for a clean burn and their blush collection is giving us some major V-Day vibes. The perfect gift for someone who appreciates a good scent. 

Shop the 'Blush Collection'



I love everything about this brand. Their newest product release -  the ‘Queen’ collection is inspiring our inner and outer love this holiday season.  They continually put out incredibly chic pieces I’ll have in my jewelry box forever. Right now, we have our eye on the alba and eloina combo. 

Shop the 'Queen Collection'



This women run, Chicago-based CBD company focuses on modern women's wellness. They explain it best, “We understand that female bodies are different, from cyclical changes to the very real challenges of menopause and childbirth and everything in-between.’ I use their product everyday and can’t wait to get my hands on the dynamic roller duo. Perfect for a relaxing V-Day at home.  

Shop the 'Dynamic Roller Duo'



Love sparkles, love jewelry, love feeling pretty? Meet Caprice Decadent US - luxe, high quality pieces made to make even staying home feel extra special. For sure my all time favorite piece in the collection are their classic Hoops. 

Shop 'Caprice Decadent Hoops'



Consider me the queen of ordering in. This sweet little neighborhood market is known for extra special finds from brands you’ve never heard of.  From your new favorites sweets and treats, to champagne, cheese plates, and gifts - I love their incredibly curated selection of things I didn’t even know I needed! 

This year they’ve curated Valentine’s Day sets that will be sure to please ;) 

Shop 'Foxtrot Valentine's Day Gifts'


Tell us, any favorite gifts you’re planning to gift this year? Share in the comments below!


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