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Not So Obvious Valentine’s Day Dates

Over at KF, we love just about any reason to celebrate. And with Valentine’s Day around the corner you might be scratching your head thinking about how you're going to celebrate the one(s) you love -  be it your significant other, your bestie or anyone in between. 
But this year, we’re skipping the obvious prix-fixe, chocolate-filled dinner date and opting to take things in a slightly different direction. Read on to see a few not-so-obvious Valentine’s Day ideas to celebrate your love this year. 

Cooking Class

There’s something super romantic about cooking together. Creating something from scratch, working together in the kitchen, and then enjoying the fruits of your labor is a fun way to break from the norm. This year, opt for making your own V-Day meal together, versus having someone do it for you. It’s a fun new experience and memory you’ll have forever. 

Floral Making

This time of year, many floral shops offer a DIY floral arrangement workshop. We love the idea of making something special just for you or with a partner. If you’re in Chicago check out Flowers for Dreams as a great option - you’ll be able to sip on brunch-themed beverages, enjoy a fancy donut spread from Stan’s Donuts and sample self-care products from Scratch Goods.

Lady Graze

Grab all your favorite girls, grab some champagne and OJ and try your hand at a Grazing Table. Think fruits, meats, cheeses and greens all on one gorgeous board for you and your besties to laugh and tell stories around. The perfect lady date! 

Wine Bar Crawl 

When in doubt, add more wine. Think of it as a fancy bar crawl complete with great wine and even better company. We love this idea for those of us nowhere near wine country. 

A Themed Dinner and Movie Night at Home

Nothing wrong with being a homebody. For the big 2/14, keep things at home but make it Valentine’s Day. Pick a theme, order out from an “on-theme” favorite and get ready to Netflix and chill (for real). 

A Comedy Show

We could all use a good belly laugh. Find a comedy show, head to an improv night - whatever it is  - laugh with the one you love. Because we firmly believe, laughter truly is the best medicine. 

Tell us - what not so basic Valentine’s Day plans do you have this year? Share with us in the comments! 


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