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Professional Styling

Packages and Pricing

Wardrobe Styling/ Personal Shopping - $65 per hour + cost of clothing (2 hour minimum)

Whether you have time to go shopping and require in-store assistance or need the shopping brought to you due to your busy schedule, this is a great way to build your seasonal, daily and event wardrobe.


Wardrobe Styling/ Personal Shopping Full Day (5+ hours) - $425 per day + cost of clothing*

This includes all of the fantastic styling and shopping services that you see with the hourly package, but allows you to take the entire day to fully dive into your wardrobe demands. Daily needs may include (but not limited to) photo shoots, editorial spreads, corporate events, closet clean-out, etc.


Wardrobe Styling/ Personal Shopping Monthly - $1100 per month + cost of clothes*

As your closet may require more than a day, or a few hours to update, weekly consultations to truly express how you want to be portrayed is a perfect option. Continuing the growth of your closet to mirror your busy and successful life is important and we understand that. Having a clothing consultant ‘on-call’ takes all the unneeded stress away.


Full Wardrobe Consultation - Image/ Life Coaching/ Style/ Event - $2300 per month + cost of clothing*

The development and path of your new career, life adventure or creating a better you, should be reflected in your wardrobe. This service completely encompasses every part of your daily life and allows us to assist in any way you need growth through image, wardrobe, and personal consulting. Daily check-ins, a digital closet and ‘on-call’ consultations creates a path of least resistance in situations that can normally be stressful. This package will be customized to fit each client.


Referrals - I love working with people like you! Receive a 10% discount on the month when you refer a new client.

* Cost of travel will be added to total when applicable.

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